Welcome at the Golf Course

Golf of passion

The focus of the activities is the sporty aspect, whereby both occasional golfers and sporty ambitious golfers should be addressed. Golf should move away from the still existing elite image, both in the consciousness of those affected and in the imagination of the other players and the public.

Golf should be anchored by our work as an ideal sport for people with multiple disabilities and disease patterns. The continuous exchange of ideas with clubs and associations ensures a constant alignment of common interests.

Information and proof of the feasibility of bringing more and more clubs to golfers who rely on special aids (ParaMotion, crutches, etc.) to allow in their seats, at the same time adapted golf rules allow participation in open games. Clubs and Pro`s are adapting to disabled golfers, not least for the reason that they win as an additional target group.

The special situation of handicapped golfers requires not only the offer of community, integration and quality of life but also a close observation of the medical market. This concerns both the development and production of golf-specific aids as well as therapy and sports. In addition, the flow of information should be improved through cooperation with disability associations. 

Golf ist Recycling von Lebensqualität