Golf as rehabilitation sport

Golf is still considered elitist discipline in Germany. Hardly anyone knows that golf can be the optimal sport for rehabilitation and a very successful therapy. We dedicate ourselves to this golfing approach and support clinics and golf clubs that want to actively shape the interface between golf and disability.

The coordinated and precise movement in golf as well as the mental stress make golf an optimal therapy method. Especially for people with disabilities, the sport is a way to increase self-esteem and a sense of life and to get to know one's own performance.

Especially in amputations or wheelchair users golf can be used as a physiologically meaningful and healing method of rehabilitation. The precise and physically very delicate movement gives disabled people in particular the opportunity to reach new limits with the disability.

Als soziales Integrationsfeld kann der Golfsport gerade bei Behinderungen nicht hoch genug angesehen werden. Wir unterstützen mit verschiedenen Aktivitäten die Ausweitung des Golfsports als Therapiemaßnahme.

Golfing means playing together at eye level