About us

PBT Mobility was founded in 2002. With the great support of my wife Bettina, we have helped many disabled people to renew their life and continue to try.

Until the beginning of 2019 our company was called Powerbasetec.

Now that our two sons, Niclas and Jonas, have been working in the company for a few years, it was your claim to take on your own responsibility.

To meet the new challenges with our new ParaMotion Now being manufactured as a certified and approved medical device and distributed worldwide, our two sons founded the company PowerBaseTec GmbH.

Because the same company name could cause confusion in the market, I renamed my sole proprietorship. Therefore, there is now the sole proprietorship PBT Mobility and the company of our sons PowerBaseTec GmbH.

Of course, we continue to work together hand in hand and complement each other with the different skills.

The company PBT Mobility concentrates on the used market, the contact to customers, the trade and service of handbikes and wheelchair traction devices as well as on tournament and event organization.

Our sons with the certified company PowerBaseTec GmbH produce exclusively the new ParaMotion in German working quality with their qualified employees and distribute worldwide the new ParaMotion also other Wheelchair drives and mobility aidsThey also take care of the worldwide service for Paragolfer, Powergolfer and the new ParaMotion.

Our common goal is to help disabled people regain their quality of life and to make disadvantaged people more mobile.

We give our best every day

                                        From left: Niclas, Jonas, Christian and Bettina Nachtwey