Adapted golf rules

rules for disabled golfer

There are some golfing rules that players with a certain type of disability can not meet, or for which the player with a disability needs support. The fair play idea in the gulf is also to give these players the possibility to be able to compensate for a disadvantage, which is present due to physical or mental restriction.

For example, a blind player can not see when he touches the bottom of a bunker (and if he feels it, there is already a rule violation) and a player in a wheelchair will have no chance to play his ball in some bunkers.

"The Golf Rules for Disabled Players" therefore allow exceptions to be made for these and some other well-defined groups of disabled players, depending on the nature of the disability.

However, it does not automatically apply to every player with a disability the whole catalog of possible adjustments, but only the facilities listed for his category of disability. In order to qualify for the application of one of the categories, a player needs an official disability card with a corresponding entry.

If this disability ruling for players with disabilities is to be put into effect for tournaments, this must generally be included in a frame bid or individually in the individual invitation to tender.

The entire catalog of exceptions for players with disabilities

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