• Through our work, we have in the past made more and more clubs to allow wheelchairgolfer to be in their golfcourses. It has been proven by kinetic calculations and of course in many years of practice that our devices only bring 50% of the ground pressure per square cm of a person with 80 kg body weight on the green.
  • Adaptive golf rules allow you to participate in open tournaments. Clubs and pro's are adapting to disabled golfers, not least for the reason that they win as an additional target group, because a wheelchairgolfer usually comes not alone to the golf course or to practice courses.
  • The prejudice that wheelchair golfer can stop the game is often refuted because wheelchair golfers generally play as fast as a "normal" golfer with a cart.
  • The essential point why golf is the best sport for wheelchair users is not only in the health aspect, it brings the player a natural participation in the community, as well as a new quality of life!
  • We work with great passion to make wheelchair golfers a normal part of golf.

The new freedom with the ParaMotion